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Our Story

On a cold AND ICY Sunday morning on his way to basketball practice, Alex’s car slid off the road resulting in a terrible car accident. Despite a valiant effort, Alex succumbed 27 days later to the injuries he suffered. Alex lived an amazing life and fought hard…


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Alex Popeck

Alex Popeck

“Most people say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I like to make grape juice then sit back and watch them try to figure out how I did it.”

Alex’s Never Back Down Principles:

  • Value others because everyone matters.
  • Challenge peers to go beyond self-imposed limits to improve themselves.
  • Strive for one’s best even when faced with challenges.
  • See and Act; notice opportunities to help, protect and support people and act on them/do something about them.

Our Mission & Vision

The Never Back Down Foundation is an organization established in the memory of Alex Popeck, a teen scholar-athlete, to influence teens to recognize that an individual can make a difference in their community. Specifically, the Foundation seeks to recognize teens who notice and act upon a challenge, injustice or need for change in their community, school or family.

The Foundation will raise funds via community-based events and other means to award scholarships to Montgomery County, Maryland high school students attending post-secondary educational institutions. The scholarship recipients will be recognized for demonstrating how they have made a difference in either their community, school, family, or an individual’s life by adopting Alex’s Never Back Down approach; to see and act. These Alex Popeck Difference Makers are recognized each spring.

Please consider donating to the Never Back Down Foundation. All donations are very much appreciated and go toward a great cause.

Scholarships Awarded

Dollars Awarded

Never Back Down

Awarding scholarships to local Montgomery County high school seniors who best embody Alex’s humanitarian values and are making a significant difference in their family, school or community.

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