Congratulations to the 2012 Difference Maker Scholarship winners!

Up Close and Personal

Meet individual scholarship winners and learn what the Difference Maker Scholarship has meant to them.

Our Board of Directors:

  • President – Fred Altimont
  • VP – Lynne Absher
  • Treasurer – Bill Tzamaras
  • Secretary – Jeanne Berger
  • Member – Laura Rhode
  • Member – Gina Guiffre
  • Co-Chairman – Betsy Popeck
  • Co-Chairman – Bart Popeck

Our Mission & Vision

The Never Back Down Foundation is an organization established in the memory of Alex Popeck, a teen scholar-athlete, to influence teens to recognize that an individual can make a difference in their community. Specifically, the Foundation seeks to recognize teens who notice and act upon a challenge, injustice or need for change in their community, school or family.

The Foundation will raise funds via community-based events and other means to award scholarships to Montgomery County, Maryland high school students attending post-secondary educational institutions. The scholarship recipients will be recognized for demonstrating how they have made a difference in either their community, school, family, or an individual’s life by adopting Alex’s Never Back Down approach; to see and act. These Alex Popeck Difference Makers are recognized each spring.

Please consider donating to the Never Back Down Foundation. All donations are very much appreciated and go toward a great cause.

Scholarships Awarded

Dollars Awarded

Never Back Down

Awarding scholarships to local Montgomery County high school seniors who best embody Alex’s humanitarian values and are making a significant difference in their family, school or community.

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